Vitamin G

So, lately I’ve been coming across quite a few articles on all the different vitamins and what they do.  Perhaps because I’m trying to keep healthier and keep an eye on how I’m feeling and how it relates to what I’m eating.  I began to think of how I can spend so much time researching and looking up which vitamins do what to make me feel healthier and how little time I spend examining my soul in the same way.  What about my daily dose of vitamin G – with the G standing for God, of course!

When I was younger, I was always amazed at how my parents and relatives would spend so much time after dinner, drinking coffee and talking about all of their different ailments.  However, now that I am getting older, I find that my friends and I are also beginning to discuss more and more what is going on with us health-wise.  However, I think that my generation has maybe even surpassed our parents’ generation with our obsession with health, especially with how we can look up and try to “diagnose” ourselves with the Internet.

If I spent half as much time focusing on my spiritual life – and how much I am incorporating God into my everyday living, I would be one “healthy” person.


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