A Disturbing Article

My husband and I have been struggling with trying to have a baby.  This of course makes certain situations difficult for us – particularly holidays like Father’s and Mother’s day, certain scenes in movies, and articles or stories that we encounter regularly in life.  This weekend, while casually sitting in my living room, reading a fashion magazine and trying to relax after a long week, I came across an article on the topic of conception. The article broke my heart.

The article described a couple who had one child and desired another, and so went for fertility treatments.  However, when they found out that they were having two children, they decided to “selectively reduce” the pregnancy.  I just couldn’t understand.  The couple knew what they were getting into when they went for the fertility treatments.  They knew that there was a chance that they could conceive more than one child.  And yet, they went ahead, and when the outcome was not what they wanted, they merely “fixed” the situation.

If my husband and I didn’t long to have a child of our own so badly, perhaps I would not have even finished the article.  But I did continue reading; I tried to find a way to sympathize with this couple, to at least understand what led them to their decision. However, the sadness I felt made it impossible to do so.  I think there are just certain situations in the world that I just won’t be able to understand.


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