What If?

Today I saw an interesting story online about a letter that was supposed to be delivered more than 70 years ago.  That alone caught my interest, but as the story unfolded, it turns out that the letter was one of encouragement from one nun to a young woman contemplating becoming a nun. The woman who was supposed to receive the letter did not become a nun, but married and had a family instead.

In the news story, the woman who received and read the letter (she was at the address on the envelope), said something that made chills go up my spine: “what if…” What if the woman did receive the letter?  Would she have chosen a different path?  Is it like in the movies, when one thing, one small gesture like that, could have completely changed the course of her life?  It makes me wonder about all the choices in my life, all the things that have occurred, big and small, to bring me where I am right now.  I’m not just talking about where I physically am right now, but where I am both mentally and spiritually.

Perhaps the woman was not supposed to receive the letter, and maybe God had different plans for her.  But it does make me think of those days when you’re at a crossroads, and you receive an email or a phone call, or even a text message from someone who completely changes things.


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