Light and Dark

Yesterday my husband and I were watching a show we DVRed about people and the fear of the dark. The show explained that people throughout time have been afraid of the dark not for the darkness itself, but for what it represented – the unknown and the unseen.

As someone who used to be afraid of the dark, I was intrigued as to why people throughout time shared this fear and found the dark so sinister. Of course, being an avid lover of anything regarding the Middle Ages, I was particularly fascinated with the explanations of why people in that time period feared the dark so much. The documentary showed that during the night, people were more likely to be robbed, those walking would have a greater chance at getting lost on even simple walks and even the fires that gave off the small light that was available caused a threat.

What a great metaphor for life!  While I may not have the fear of the dark any more, there of course is still the fear of the unknown, the unseen and the unplanned for.  It made me think of one of the phrases used to describe Jesus, “the Light of the world.” As I am growing older, I am beginning to more and more rely on the light of Jesus to guide me in my life.

Is there an instance you’d like to share of how Jesus guided you through the darkness?


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