Summer Reading List

The heat this past week reminds me that we’re officially in the heart of summer.  When temperatures rise this high, I prefer activities that can be done in the air conditioning or poolside – such as reading a good summer book.

Usually my summer reading list includes quick reads that don’t do more than provide the few hours of entertainment that begins and ends with how long it takes to read them.  For me – reading is like television, and it doesn’t all have to mean something as long as it’s entertaining. We work hard, right, and deserve an escape sometimes. Yet, I do like to throw some readings into the mix that will provide me with something that lasts longer than the ice in my iced tea on a hot summer’s day.

When I feel the need for a spiritual boost, I usually turn to recommendations from my friends and relatives.  If that doesn’t work, there are also a few Catholic bookstores around – and online – that can help point you in the right direction. One of my favorite such stores is Pauline Books and Media, who have a spot on their website specifically for summer reading (  Other sites, like the one for Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, also has its own summer book club link (

Does anyone have any recommendations for some summer reading they’d like to share – Catholic or otherwise?


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