What Makes a Winner?

As adults, it’s often easy to say, “I missed my chance” for things that we haven’t done in life.  But today, the nearly last-minute win by the U.S.A. team in their World Cup game against Algeria is a solid example that shows that the unexpected and the unbelievable are achievable. But what makes a person a winner?

When I hear stories such as this one, it makes me wonder what was going through the mind of the. players in those last minutes?  Were they feeling determined?  Were they almost on the verge of giving up?  And then I have to ask myself, what would I have felt if I were in the same situation?  We all have moments in life that test and push us to what we think is the verge of what we can do.  Perhaps work or home responsibilities feel overwhelming. Whatever it may be, there comes a point where it may seem as if victory is not an option.

Honestly, I don’t know how I would do under the same pressure.  I think that, first of all, my body would not survive 90 minutes of intense physical activity. In many ways, sports and other challenges can teach us a lot about ourselves. Do we face challenges head-on with our complete mind, body and soul and keep the faith that we can do it, or give up before the referee blows the whistle?  It’s something I’m going to try to spend some time thinking about.


One thought on “What Makes a Winner?”

  1. I always feel that I can do anything that I have to do. However difficult it may seem, in the end I do the best that I can and hope for the best outcome. God doesn’t usually let me down.


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