The World Cup and Belonging

When you have a team to follow, sporting events are much more fun. I learned this recently with the beginning of the 2010 World Cup. As with most sports, I follow what is going on without a true interest in the games. However, this year, something happened and I find myself obsessed with the outcomes of the games – especially when it comes to the favored team of my husband’s family—Portugal.

Watching and talking about the games, wearing team shirts and hoping for the same outcome provides a sense of belonging that sometimes is hard to achieve. I can see now why people remain so loyal to their sports teams. Once you become emotionally invested, it’s hard to just give up the game. Plus, it feels great when your team does well (I’m feeling pretty happy today because Portugal won against North Korea 7-0). I know it may not be my home team, but it is my new family’s team.

It made me think of the importance of family, and of wanting to be accepted and feel like you belong. With my husband’s family, it’s nice to know that there’s always room for one more on the team.


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