Wedding Traditions

Today I was listening to a podcast by Paulist Father Larry Rice on Catholic Wedding traditions. It was a short podcast, but filled with fascinating information on what you could expect – or not expect – at a Catholic wedding.  Being June, a month popularly known as a time for weddings, I thought I’d share some of the information Father Rice discussed.

For example, when my husband and I were married, we expected to hear these words at the end of the ceremony “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” But those words didn’t come.  As Father Rice explained, that’s just not how Catholics do it.  It turns out that in the Catholic wedding ceremony, it is not the priest or minister who declares a couple married (even though they’re needed) but instead it’s the words and actions of the couple.  I thought that was a fascinating bit of information. If we had known that at our wedding, we wouldn’t have hesitated as we did before that first kiss as man and wife!

To hear the Fact of Faith podcast on weddings, visit Catholic New York’s website ( and check out the media player on the right hand side.


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