With a Little Help

Three-day weekends are always enjoyable.  Whether you travel or spend the time at home with family like I did, it feels nice to have a break and just enjoy the time off from work.  However, sometimes I find that coming back after time off makes for days that feel longer, like today.

Cramming in all that you have to do while your mind is still wandering on vacation can be difficult. It’s times like these that I rely on my co-workers and friends.  Just sharing thoughts and, sometimes grumblings, makes getting back into the groove of work a little easier.

And when things feel particularly rough, and it seems that the end of the work-day is far off and there are still many more things to accomplish, I call on my all-time favorite saint – St. Joseph.  Whenever I run across a work or family issue, I pray to St. Joseph, hoping he can help me make it through.  It makes me think of the Beatles song, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”  I know St. Joseph will never let me down.


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