Rocking the Boat During Fleet Week

I’m a creature of habit.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to change my routine, which is ironic, because as a reporter I may be called at the last minute to go somewhere for a story. That is one of reasons I like my job – the constant challenge to myself to get up and go forces me to tackle one of my weaknesses.  And sometimes, as was the case today, it introduces me to wonderful experiences I may not otherwise have.

A group of sailors from the Marines and Coast Guard were visiting a school in lower Manhattan today as part of Fleet Week.  I had the lucky chance to be sent on this assignment, and I am glad that I was there.  Seeing the soldiers selflessly give back to the children after they have already given so much of themselves through their service to not only New York City, but the United States, reminded me of how lucky we are in this country.

I’d like to say thanks to all the service men out there, and wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day!!


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