It’s All About Perspective

My husband is away for business – in the Caribbean.  Nice, right?  Maybe for some of us, that would be the ideal place to go for either business or pleasure. But for my husband, who dislikes the beach and has feelings for hot weather and the blazing sun that border on hate, the trip is not one of his favorites.

It really had me thinking that there are so many things in life that may seem like a dream to one person that can be a living nightmare to another. People always use the cliché “The grass is always greener on the other side.”  It does hold truth to it.  I bet that’s why not coveting your neighbor’s stuff made the Ten Commandments list.

When I tell people that he is away – especially on a trip like this to the Caribbean, it’s easy for me to make remarks like “he’s so lucky.” But that isn’t healthy, and also isn’t true when you look at it from his perspective – he is there for work and away from home, after all.  For me, that commandment is a hard one, but one that I hope to work on.


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