Yes, Sister

Yesterday I was at an event hosted by the Sisters of Mercy – the order of nuns who ran my high school (Our Lady of Victory in Dobbs Ferry). Quite a few of the speakers cited their use of one simple phrase “yes, sister.”

During high school, the influence of the sisters went largely unnoticed by me, and probably by quite a few of my classmates.  We would often joke at the strictness of the nuns – who would quickly point out if our shirts were not tucked in, our skirts were rolled up too short, or if our tights were too colorful (I remember one incident in particular, when I had to trade my gray, beige and blue patterned tights for a lovely pair of blue socks).  Looking back, however, the degree of respect and obedience that the sisters instilled in a tough group to win over – teenage girls – is now something that is a point of pride.

I’m sure those of you who also attended Catholic school have similar stories, and are also familiar with the phrase “yes, sister.”  Do you have any stories of your Catholic school days you would like to share?


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