God is Awesome

When I have difficulty sleeping, I often find myself watching infomercials on television. This morning, I had a song stuck in my head from one of those infomercials – one for Christian music.  One sentence in particular is rolling around in my mind – “Our God is an awesome God.”  It struck me because I use the word awesome all the time.  And it made me wonder  — where did this word come from?

In college, one of my majors was Medieval Studies – and I am proud to say that today I am going to try to implement some of the things I learned back in my college days!

From what I remember from the Norse sagas and Germanic histories I read, the word “awesome” was used to describe something that inspired either fear or “awe.” When I searched the Internet, I also found that it was really during the middle ages that the word awesome became widely used.  This makes sense because at that time God was a figure to be both feared and held in awe (you can see this in depictions of God in medieval paintings and readings).

I thought I would share this with you – so next time someone asks you to describe God, you can say with confidence, “God is awesome!”


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