Foggy Weather, Melancholy Mood

Around the archdiocese, the weather is cold, bleak and foggy. Today, the melancholy weather matches my mood.  It’s the type of day where I can’t wait to get home, put on some pajamas and place myself squarely on the couch under a blanket.  It’s an odd thing to say in the middle of May – a month usually known for sunny weather and blooming flowers.

When I (very briefly) went outside at lunchtime, the howling wind reminded me of a little prayer that we used to say in elementary school about the Holy Spirit. I may not have the words exactly right after all these years, but it went something like this “send forth your spirit and kindle in us the fire of your love.” God truly does work in mysterious and magical ways – the prayer, which I had not thought of in years, is so fitting for today. With the cold weather sapping my energy, a little extra jolt of the Holy Spirit would do wonders right about now.

Do you find that your mood matches the weather as well?


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