“Dancing With the Stars”

Tonight a new episode of “Dancing With the Stars” airs on television.  When I watch the show I am always impressed with the fancy footwork and fast progress of the stars from one week to the next.  The amount of hard work they put into learning the dance moves to make it look effortless during the performance is something to be admired.

The dedication required to achieve a particular goal is sometimes daunting. It made me think about all the times regular people like you and me fail and immediately give up –be it with projects at work, or dieting, or going to Mass each Sunday. Yes, perhaps there aren’t hundreds of thousands of viewers and fans cheering for us if we hand in those difficult projects on time, lose a pound or make it to church each week. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Even if we don’t have every step perfectly choreographed, I think all that matters is that we get back on our feet and finish what we started.


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