Movie Quotes and Musings on God

Do you need a quote for something?  Chances are, I have one.  I have a habit of using television and movie quotes probably a half dozen times a day. What can I say?  It may not be the most useful of talents, but it’s something I take a humorous pride in nonetheless. I can, for instance, recite lines with precision from oddball comedies and cult classics like “The Wedding Singer” or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” On occasion, however, I will come across a movie quote that makes me stop and think that I’ve stumbled upon something that could be quite meaningful.

That was the case last night as I was watching the independent comedy, “The Answer Man.” The movie is about an eccentric man who writes a book claiming he was inspired by a conversation he had with God. I would not turn to this movie for its theology, however, there was one line that made me smile and think of God in a delightful new way. The line about God was this: “Every day, he can’t wait to see what you’ll do, what makes you laugh, what moves you…”

Even in movies, and sometimes unintentionally, there are things that can inspire and make you stop, perhaps just for a second, and think about God.  Have you seen any movies or heard any quotes that unintentionally or surprisingly had that effect on you?


One thought on “Movie Quotes and Musings on God”

  1. Almost every time I see “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” on television, I tune in for at least a few minutes. It’s like checking into an alternative reality, which I guess is the point. No matter how many times I watch, it never fails to make me laugh as Ferris and his friends go through one madcap adventure after another. It’s easy to appreciate his joie de vivre, sometimes even as you ponder your own day-to-day reality. Pure escapism, I know, but a lot of fun on the ride.


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