First Communions

Tomorrow my niece is celebrating her First Communion. It’s a big, exciting day that begins with the Mass and ends with a huge party at my brother and sister-in-law’s house with all the extended family. Even with 20 – yes, that’s right, no exaggeration – nieces and nephews that my husband and I have between us, seeing them reach these important milestones never grows tiresome. Instead, the different events – baptisms, communions, confirmation, and before we know it, marriages – bring us all together as a family.

I still remember my own First Communion, especially the excitement of getting ready in my white dress and veil and the nervousness at the thought that I might drop the host. But most of all, I recall being very, very sick from springtime allergies. During the Mass, I tried to stop from sniffling and prayed to God for relief so I could receive communion without my nose running down my face. I know, not the most picturesque or revered of memories but true. Thankfully, relief did come as my father crept up to the front of the church to sneak a handkerchief into my hand; an action that at any other time would have embarrassed me as I sat with my classmates.  But now that action serves as a cherished memory of a very important day.

Do any of you have special memories from your First Communion or that of your children that you would like to share?


2 thoughts on “First Communions”

  1. When my daughter made her First Communion 4 years ago, she needed a different day than the one assigned to her class. She made it at the 5 o’clock Mass with one other girl. It was so special because she read all the petitions because the other girl wouldn’t. It was as if the Mass was especially for her.


  2. I remember mine, I did the responsorial psalm “The Lord is my Shepherd” and I do remember the first time I received communion; at that time, they dipped the host in the wine (which even back then I thought tasted pretty good). When it came time for my first son’s communion, he was chosen to do the same responsorial psalm as I had done. I was so proud to see my little second grader up there – reading so well!


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