Happy Earth Day!

Well, friends, today is Earth Day. Even though New York is supposed to get rain later on, right now it’s beautiful and sunny outside.  It’s the kind of day that makes it easy to thank God for all the beauty that surrounds us.  I must admit, while I do recycle and use reusable bags when I grocery shop, that is about as far as I got into the green movement.  Yet, there seems to be a nice correlation between thinking of the environment and our spiritual well being that makes me want to work harder at both.

In many respects, the green movement reminds us that we have to think about others and the future, not just ourselves and the here and now. That’s a message that is found so many times in the Gospel, especially from Jesus as he talks about caring for others and eternal life. It makes me smile to think that Jesus may have been a fan of the green movement.  Today, I think I’ll take a nice walk outside and try to be more conscious of the beauty around and try to take care to do my part to keep it that way – and at the same time say a little prayer of thanks to God, the maker of it all.


One thought on “Happy Earth Day!”

  1. Caring for the resources that will be inherited by future generations is vital. Yet, we must always bear in mind that the Earth and all in it was created for man. This is the key aspect that most environmentalists miss. They see man as being on an equal plane with all the other creatures of the Earth, rather than on a higher plane. Also, a great many of them deify the Earth, worshiping the created rather than the Creator, thus slipping into Pantheism.

    It is good for us to live simple lives, caring for the gift God has given us. Let us share the good news of the Creator with all we encounter as we do it.


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