St. Patrick’s Cathedral – More Than Just a Building

Last night, a three-year-old boy was dropped off and abandoned at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. A young woman brought him into the cathedral and left him there with a note with the name and phone number of a Florida detective on it.

I was at the cathedral this morning working on a separate article when the archbishop brought up the subject of the little boy and said that he was thankful that the people who brought him to the cathedral knew that he would be cared for there. He said that the church serves as a “home” just as it did for this little boy.

Even though this is a truly horrendous event – the abandonment of a small child – I listened to the words of the archbishop and felt truly proud to be a Catholic. This story is just one instance in which the church served as so much more than just a building. It served as a safe haven for a boy who could have ended up anywhere else. While it is yet to be seen if this story has a truly happy ending, I am so thankful that the people at the cathedral cared for this boy during this difficult time in his life.


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