Three Years and Counting

Today my husband and I celebrate our third anniversary, and this morning, my husband, who is on a business trip, sent me a text message that said, “I lasted three years, do I get a prize like they do on Survivor?”  Of course he was just joking with me, but what he said does have a ring of truth to it. With so many reality shows, television shows and movies emphasizing short relationships and skimming over or even joking about the value of lasting relationships, it can be difficult for couples in the real world to know what to honestly expect once those rings are on their fingers.

Unlike reality shows, couples do not earn prizes for how long they last. But there are gifts that couples receive along the way. I admit, my husband and I are still very early in our marriage, but each year that passes helps us to understand the words from our vows more and more.  Unlike in a reality show, we can’t edit out the “bad” times, and sometimes the “good” times may not be given as much time as they should, but that’s what makes it interesting – and real.

I’d like to ask any married readers out there how long you have been married and what you have learned about the reality of marriage so far – please share!


5 thoughts on “Three Years and Counting”

  1. This December will be 19 years and It sure isn’t easy. It’s almost a full time job some days. But, usually (hopefully) the good overshadows the bad. And in the end, if you can still smile when you think of your other half, then something must be working right.


  2. Congratulations on your third Anniversary. I’ve know Chris 40 years next week and we’ve been married for 36 1/2 years, which sounds crazy. I think our secret is that we were good friends for a long time before we fell in love and that friendship has endured.


  3. Hi Julie,
    Congratulations on your Anniversary. I have been married for 44 years. We’ve raised four children and have experienced all of the ups and downs that most couples have shared through so many years. It’s a matter of commitment and of not always having to be right, of keeping your mouth closed sometimes and of always remembering that marriage is the Sacrament and not the wedding. God has truly blessed us and we turn to Him in all of our adversities. He continues to carry us everyday through the loss of our son, Bill and our trust in Him continues as we walk side by side through life. God bless you as you continue to praise Him.


  4. We will be married 9 years on August 12, 2010. We met at a Syriac Catholic Church in Union City, NJ. Our first date was at a St. Patrick’s Young Adult Group Christmas party in 1999. I’m Catholic and my husband is Coptic Orthodox. We have 2 boys ages 6 and 4; Our common faith in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has kept us together all these years. Our willingness to forgive each other has kept us going strong. We go mostly to the only Cathlolic chruch in town for Mass on Sundays and at times to a Coptic Church in Cedar Grove, NJ, so the boys can receive Communion. We had to be very flexible and willing to respect each other’s denomination and traditions. We don’t agree with each other all the time, but like Eileen said, one has to keep his/her mouth closed to keep the peace and bend a little to the other’s will.


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