Decades Old Rosaries

This weekend, I was cleaning out my dresser drawer and found 11 pairs of rosaries that are not being used.  Most were the basic plastic bead and string kind in a variety of colors from pink and turquoise to brown and black.  When I moved from my childhood house into my apartment when I was married three years ago, they were important and sacred enough to make the move with me.  However, I have two pairs of rosaries that I use – one pair from a trip I took to Fatima with my husband, mother and in-laws, and one pair that was a gift from my father, who is now deceased.   Even though I know that I will not be using the other rosaries anymore, I didn’t know exactly what to do with them.

It felt wrong to just throw them away.  After doing some online research, I found some interesting ways to properly dispose of rosaries.  It seems that burying rosaries is an acceptable way to dispose of them, but this seemed a bit outdated and old fashioned for me, as well as not practical since I live in an apartment building without a yard.  It just was not a way that I was comfortable with.  But a few places online listed another suggestion that I particularly like – to bring the rosaries to church and leave a pair or two in the back for someone who may need them to take.  Giving rosaries away to others who may need them – either through church or even religious organizations, or to someone you know, seems to be a kind and gentle way to pass on not only rosaries, but the faith.


4 thoughts on “Decades Old Rosaries”

  1. I didn’t know that you could bury rosaries! Thanks for letting us know. I have a few precious pairs of rosaries myself; namely, I do have one that was sent to me by a very good friend!

    So, Julie, may we inquire how your Catholic faith has helped you through your first three years of marriage?


  2. I know a priest who works with Mexican immigrants in upstate New York.
    He is always looking for rosaries to bring to them when he visits.
    If I can help get them to him let me know.


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