Put a Little Spring in Your Soul

I consider myself one of the lucky workers in the world because I have a cube with a view. It’s always nice to look outside the window over Manhattan and see the sun shining. No longer are people walking around in heavy winter coats. Instead, for the most part, they’ve shed their winter gear in favor of the lighter clothes and colors of spring.

I’m a fan of the brighter weather. Winter is lovely in its own way, but it’s always nice when Easter ushers in some sunnier weather. While my outer attire changes with the season, it makes me wonder about the inner state of my soul.

I believe that God wants to hear from us no matter what the state of our soul – whether it’s a dark or a bright time for us. Sometimes it’s just as easy to lose touch with God when things are looking bright as when things are dark.  That’s how it sometimes is for me.

Do you feel that you are more inclined to pray in certain moods?


One thought on “Put a Little Spring in Your Soul”

  1. Of course we all seem to blame God for when things are not going our way, but that is the time that we really should reflect on our own lives and ask for help and strength to get us through the rough times. Changing our outlook on our lives brings brighter things!


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