“Good” Time of the Year

How many of you find that it’s easier to “avoid the occasion of sin” during the season of Lent?  I know that I do.  I’m not exactly sure why that is.  Perhaps because it’s the traditional season of fasting and abstinence, or maybe it’s because it’s easier to focus on sacrifice looking forward to Easter, or perhaps it’s because there are a set number of days for Lent. While the last reason may not be the most religious or pious, I am sure that for me, it is one of the factors that contributes to my greater resolve to be “good” during the 40 days.

However, throughout the years, I have found that Lent has been a good jumping off point for people to change aspects of their life. I’ve known people who decide to give up habits like smoking during Lent and at the end of the season, decide not to go back. And another friend who gave up meat and later decided to remain a vegetarian. And to use an example for my own life, last year for Lent I used the book “The Love Dare” which came out of the movie “Fireproof” starting Kirk Cameron to make minor changes to how I view marriage – with ideas that lasted longer than the season of Lent.

With Easter just a few days away, do any of you have plans for things you’ve done during Lent that you’d like to continue?


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