What’s the Idea Behind Colored Easter Eggs?

Growing up, Easter in my house was always a huge celebration – and that meant two things – food and traditions. One tradition that I remember was the decorating of the “Easter Tree.” My father would go out to the backyard and pick up the dead, leafless branches that had fallen and spray paint them white. My siblings and I would then decorate the tree with hollowed out, colored Easter eggs.  It’s a nice tradition, and over the years I’ve seen more and more Easter trees around.

Coloring eggs in pastel colors was always a fun thing to do – and as a child, I never really thought about the reasons behind it.  But now, as an adult, I wonder – why exactly do we color eggs for Easter?  When and why did that tradition start? After searching the Internet, it seems that coloring Easter eggs is an old tradition used in many cultures to usher in the beginning of spring. Over time, the tradition centered around Easter – with many cultures decorating eggs with religious symbols and even some coloring eggs red to symbolize the blood of Christ.


3 thoughts on “What’s the Idea Behind Colored Easter Eggs?”

  1. I was fwd this blog & thought it was great. I am not Catholic but enjoyed reading it. I always wonder how certain traditions got started and that was cool. I will be subscribing to your blog. Looking forward to reading more.


  2. The symbol of the egg is new life which is why it is incorporated with Easter since it is the time that the church celebrates that Jesus rose to new life.


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