Setting the Mood for Holy Week

It’s officially Holy Week.  Here in Manhattan, as it is in most places in the archdiocese, the weather is cold, wet and dreary.  Even though Easter is a time of celebration, the week before is the time for us to think about the sacrifices Jesus made – not only on the cross on Good Friday, but the moments leading up to the cross as well.

In a way, the dreary weather sets the perfect mood for contemplating the sadness, the loneliness and the distress that even Jesus felt in his last moments. There are so many ways to re-acquaint ourselves with the story of Jesus’ last days—visiting re-enactments at church, watching movies or T.V. shows about the Passion story, creating your own meditations for the Stations of the Cross, or reading the Gospel accounts before going to bed. Do any of you have special Holy Week plans that you’d like to share with others?


One thought on “Setting the Mood for Holy Week”

  1. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve noticed that it seems to rain or cloud over on Good Friday – or maybe that’s just my perception. It does seem to set the tone for this time of year.
    It’s always been a tradition in my family to go for a hike on Good Friday, and in a way walking through the woods and seeing signs of spring seems symbolic this time of year too.


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